Who Are Going To Be The New Cabinet Ministers?



In a week from now President Barrow will assume office on 19th January 2022. He has been asked the question on how he intends to satisfy all the members of this coalition and he responded by promising that the highest percentage would comprise his coalition partners.

The president is confronted with two challenges in constituting a Cabinet.

The Constitution dictates that cabinet must comprise men and women who have the professional qualification or experience to exercise direction and control over their ministries.

Will President Barrow be able to adhere to this dictate? That is the first fundamental challenge.

Secondly President Barrow has promised to satisfy his coalition.  Will political support be his key consideration in constituting the cabinet? This is the second challenge.

Where will party and personal interest stop and national interest begin is a line that must be drawn by every head of state.

Foroyaa will follow developments to see where President Barrow will draw the line.