IFRC Supports Gambia Red Cross Society with 13 Vehicles


By Ndey Sowe

The International Federation for the Red Cross (IFRC) has on Thursday, 21st October, 2020, at the Gambia Red Cross headquarters at Westfield. donated thirteen (13) vehicles to The Gambia Red Cross Society (GRCS) to support the humanitarian group in its activities.

The 13 commissioned vehicles included 5 ambulances and 8 unity vehicles, plus 10 motorbikes, which is aimed at supporting GRCS’s efforts towards delivering quality services for Gambians.

Jato Sillah, the President of the Gambia Red Cross Society, said part of their mission is to provide livelihood to all Gambians, thus, he appealed to Gambians to acknowledge the work and sacrifice based on voluntary services that they do for them.

While urging Gambians not to be complacent about Covid-19, Mr. Sillah said other countries in Europe are experiencing second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic. He commended all Red Cross volunteers for taking all necessary measures to ensure Gambia is Covid-19 free.

Abdoulie Faye, the Program Manager of the Gambia Red Cross, said before the advent of Covid-19, they have developed a contingency plan ahead of the response to Covid-19 in The Gambia.

“We have provided over 2000 hand washing facilities in the country and trained 125 people across the country on risk and communication surveillance”, he said.

Faye added that the issue of gender based violence was also look at to ensure volunteers are not discriminated. He also said when the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (MoBSE) announced the reopening of schools; they fumigated over 500 schools across the country and provided detergent in response to Covid-19.

“Thank God no case has been recorded from those schools”, he said.

He however lamented that: “Safe and dignified burial during Covid-19 is our most challenge, and we will soon launch a cash transfer relief response for 2, 944 people to be used to address some of their needs.”

Alvina Brauhauser, the Operation Manager G- Plus, outlined some of the services rendered by G-Plus during the Covid-19 operation, number of cases transferred, Gratis as well as case management.

“In February 2020, GRCS transfered the first suspected Covid-19 case in the country, in March 9 cases transferred (8 male, 1 female)-7 suspected cases, 2 confirmed. In July, 85 cases transferred, all confirmed, 52 male, 33 female. In August 14 cases transferred, all confirmed, 9 male, 5 female. In September, 60 cases transferred, all confirmed, 37 male, 23 female and as at 21st October, 4 confirmed cases transferred to treatment facilities, 3 male and 1 female”, she detailed.

She further said the total cases transferred so far are 173. Of which, 109 are males and 64 females, adding they will continue to deliver quality services to all patients, regardless of age, race, ethnicity or religious beliefs.

Alasan Senghore, the Secretary General Gambia Red Cross Society, acknowledged the efforts and continued support towards the development and ensuring GRCS delivers quality services to all Gambians.

Senghore applauded IFRC for providing 1.3 Swiss Pounds for GRCS to engage in Covid-19 response, while reminding Gambians to understand that Covid-19 is still in the country.

He assured that the vehicles will be used for the intended purpose and that GRSC will not comprise with the standards of the vehicles.