IEC Registers 18th Political Party


By Makutu Manneh

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) on Tuesday registered a new pollical party dubbed Alliance for National Re-orientation and Development (ANRD).

Lamin Satu Bojang is the Secretary General and party leader. The party’s secretariat is located at Brufut in Kombo North, West Coast Region.

The colours of the party are orange and green with orange on top and green below horizontally.

ANRD’s party symbol is a bundle of harvested rice while the motto is Justice, Freedom and Development.

The Gambia is seven months away from presidential election and for now, these are the parties in the country, APRC, NRP, PDOIS, NPP, GAP, GPDP, GDC, UDP, GFA, , GANU, GMC, CA, NCP, PPP, APP, NUP, DP and ANRD.