The Killings And The State


The reported discovery of a dead body in sacks in Brufut has rekindled more questions on national security. The state has been carrying out operations to stamp out crime.

The reports of arrests of dozens of alleged lawbreakers has ben seen as the result of an effective anti-crime measure. There is need to analyse the type of cases that would stamp out crime.

There is need for community outreach programmes by the security forces to open up contact with young people in order to find out what they are undergoing and what is needed to keep them away from drug use and other heinous crimes.

When a nation tolerates the frequent reports of killings they would   end up taking it as normal. This is what must not be allowed to happen. Taking human life is a callous act and those who perpetrate it must not be left to be comfortable. There should be all out shaming of those who carryout these acts as disgrace to the human race .The acts should be described by the police in full so that all those who hear them would be outraged. This is what would lead communities to flush them out and prevent future recurrence.