Have The Voters Voted As They Did During The Presidential Election?



The answer is in the negative. During the Presidential Elections, five parties had Candidates and 1 stood as an Independent Candidate.

In the National Assembly Elections, the Independent Candidate did not participate, The NPP, UDP, GDC, NUP and PDOIS did put up Candidates. However, only NPP, UDP and PDOIS among the parties which had presidential candidates, have seats in the Assembly. GDC and NUP have no seats.

Interestingly enough, NPP has not won a single seat in the whole of Banjul and KMC. In the whole West Coast Region, the NPP won only 1 seat in Old Yundum.

The lesson is clear, No one owns the Gambian voter. Every Gambian politician should be told that Gambia’s political future in not mortgaged in the hands of any party or personality.  No one can predict its future development. All should prepare to shape its outcome. The battle has not ended. It has just begun.