No Party Can Smile After Second Phase Of Gambia’s Electoral Cycle


The results of the National Assembly Elections of the Gambia in 2022 have left no face in Gambian politics with a smile. All parties had emerged losers and the Gambian voter has become more unpredictable than ever before.

President Barrow campaigned for voters to give him the majority he needs to have full control of the National Assembly.

Full control requires three types of majority, that is, the simple majority which requires 29 seats, two-thirds majority and three-quarters majority out of 57 seats excluding the speaker, who is not a voting member of the Assembly.

The NPP has 18 seats, UDP has 15 seats, NRP four seats; PDOIS 2 seats and APRC 2 seats. The rest of the 12 seats went to independent candidates.

The National Assembly will miss key parliamentarians like Sidia Jatta who was challenged by Mai Fatty only for both to lose the seat to NPP.

Another young parliamentarian who would be missed is Ousman Sillah of Banjul North who was challenged by the NPP. They divided over 2000 votes among the two with Sillah ahead only for both to lose the seat to UDP, in an attestation ridden constituency, which is blacklisted by the courts but not sanitized by subsequent court action.

Foroyaa is reviewing the results and would come up with a comprehensive analysis.