GNPC Donates D1M to GCCI in Support of COVID-19 response


By Ndey Sowe

GNPC has recently presented 1million dalasis to the GCCI to add its name to the long list of donors contributing their quota in the fight against the pandemic on Thursday 9th April 2020.

Yayah Barrow, the Managing Director of the Gambia National Petroleum Cooperation (GNPC) said it is significant as an institution that GNPC is supporting in the fight against the pandemic.

He said: “the pandemic has seriously impacted trade and has other economic implications, and the whole economy partly is at standstill”, adding as an institution they thought it necessary to answer the call of the GCCI and to join its fellow business partners to also donate in the fight against COVID-19.

Sheikh Omar Giggo, the Chairperson of the GNPC said every contribution is important in the fight and Gambia is one of the poorest counties that the virus has impacted on.

“All of us are affected at this time, and it is therefore very important for those of us who can make a difference to try our best to make it”, he said.