GDC NAM Blames Government for Failing to Bring Development to his Constituency


By Makutu Manneh

The National Assembly Member for Niamina East, Omar Ceesay, on Tuesday 6th July 2021, blamed the government for failing development to bring to his constituency.

Ceesay said he has been complaining of the challenges his constituency has been grappling with, but the government isn’t doing enough to address the difficulties.

“It could be they are seeing this very constituency as an opposition base; it could be the government is not ready to bring any development in that area because their representative is from the opposition,” he said at the national assembly during the adjournment debate.

He tasked the government to consider the difficulties in his constituency, saying development should be everywhere.

Mr. Ceesay, who was elected into the assembly through a GDC ticket, also talked about the crime rate in the country. He said the young people are blamed for these crimes, but they (government) forget that they have a responsibility as a state to ensure the young are engaged, given opportunity and that they are to be provided with an enabling and conducive environment.

Banjul Central NAM, Muhammed Ndow, said the unemployment rate in Banjul is high.

“If you go to the streets of Banjul both day and night, you will see young people brewing ‘Attaya’ and some doing nothing,” he said.

Ndow said the youths are ready to do something to sustain themselves and their families, but they do not have opportunities.

He said the country’s capital does not have gardens and farmlands for the youth to be engaged.

Ndow appealed to the government to do something for the youth of Banjul for them to help themselves and partake in national development.