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“Gambia’s economy is dead” Sallah Addresses Sabi community


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By Kebba Jeffang
Mr. Halifa Sallah, the spokesperson of Coalition 2016 emphasisedcoalition-2
at the Sabi community rally on Monday night 21st November, that the
country’s economy is dead and people have the choice to look for
alternative in order to rebuild it.
Earlier, Hon Muhammed Magassy, the national assembly member for Bassein welcoming the coalition delegation said Adama Barrow was elected
standard bearer of the coalition through a democratic process in which
power was given to the people to decide. He said since the
presidential election is imminent, it is important to inform the public
the need for change of government in order to enter a progressive
third republic. He said the Gambia has reached a point where citizens
need to change the current government because it is not simply
serving their interest.
Mai Ahmat Fatty of the Gambia Moral Congress urged the community to vote for Barrow for development and freedom. He decried the current failing economy of the country, poor education system in place which is increasingly producing bad results for students, poor health care and lack of genuine concentration of agriculture.
“Power belongs to you to vote out the incumbent in order to end the 22
years of President Jammeh’s regime and make Adama Barrow your choice
on 1st December, presidential election,” he said.
Mr. Fatty assured that the new government will prioritise business
expansion for all investors thus they deserve to be voted in.
Mr. Omar Jallow alias OJ also addressed the Sabi community on a range of
issues including constitutionally enshrined human rights and
freedom of the masses. OJ said that President Jammeh misused public funds by giving out luxurious motor vehicles to the president of Guinea Bissau as well as gave millions to foreign sportsmen and artists.
“It is sympathetic to see president Jammeh denying even corpse fitting burial in their home including Buba Baldeh who is a son of
your nearby community. He declared the Gambia an Islamic state as a
pretext while un-Islamic practices continue to characterize his
government such as illegal detention and torturing of Imam Baba Leigh,
Imam Ba Kawsu Fofana and Sheikh Ismaila Manjang among others. As I
speak 2 Imams including imam Sawaneh are still held for months without
any formal charge,” OJ told the gathering in Sabi.
Mr. Halifa Sallah, spokesperson for the coalition said any country
without good economy will die which he said is the condition of the
Gambia. However, he said there is an opportunity in the coming weeks
to change the direction for good by removing President Jammeh and make
Adama Barrow the new president of the Gambia. He said elections are
means of holding the elected president accountable.
“Adama’s government will bring freedom of the press by allowing
critical televisions and radios to perform their duty in the interest of
the country,” he assured.
He said the country’s economy and the national account belongs to
every citizen of the country without discrimination and this must be used
in the interest and consent of the Gambians. As we stand the country’s
economy has died down but could be resurrected if Adama is elected.
“The role of the transition government is to ensure that the
constitution is reformed and the economy is built.
Mr. Adama Barrow, presidential candidate for coalition 2016 promised
the Sabi community of more investment partnership. He said since
Sarahuli are investors, his government will create enabling
environment for them to operate particularly on mutual interest with
the government. He said President Jammeh had never before discussed
with Sarahuli investors.
“To be frank the Gambia is very difficult to live in especially for
business people but this will change this year’s election,” Barrow

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