Adama Barrow vows to limit the power of president if elected


By Kebba Jeffang
Mr. Adama Barrow, the coalition flag bearer on Tuesday night, 22ndadama-barrow-2
November, vowed to repeal all bad laws including limiting the power of
the president particularly the law allowing him to be involved in all
kind of businesses to build himself.
The presidential hopeful was addressing the crowd in Niamina Kudangfollowing a historic welcoming by supporters in Brikama-ba and Kudang
Mr. Adama Barrow, Coalition 2016 standard bearer said Jammeh’s APRC
government is on its way out because he has a strong defense as an
alliance. He said he is the youngest of the group who gets full
guidance from well experienced politicians who can reshape the dilemma
of the Gambia into a success. He described the moment a historic
because the efforts had been going to bring the opposition parties
under one roof but could not materialise until this year.
“I am optimistic that change is imminent because many people across
the country have expressed readiness this year to exercise the right
and power by removing Jammeh 22 year old regime. Since the opposition
parties signed the agreement of unity, the incumbent was never at
peace of mind making him to express all kind of irrelevant statements.
Suffocations have been in the Gambia for 22 years but people have now
seen the light. The Gambia’s economy is down because the country has
no good relation with international stakeholders,” said Barrow.
Meanwhile, Barrow assured that “in our transitional period, we will
work to ensure the economy is fixed and bilateral relationship is
back to normalcy. If the economy is in a fine shape, price of
commodities will go down including a bag of rice and sugar and the
power of the president will come down too. You cannot be president and
be venturing in all kind of businesses. We will repeal such laws in
the Gambia.”
Mr. Sidia Jatta said nation building is not a joke but a difficult task. He said an angry man cannot build the country because it requires patience and knowledge. He said the citizens complain of lack of freedom but they hold the opportunity to choose the ideal government.
“Let’s respect our humanity because an empowered man must be taken
care of and he is your servant. With all the noise of the economy that
comes from you are you getting best roads in return? The president has
no power to misuse the economy and you have the power to remove him.
He said to be born, brought up and die in poverty is a meaningless
life. This is why you are to hold the government’s accountable come 1
December by enquiring how the previous economy has been used. This
economy must be utilized in education, farming, health and eradication
of poverty. He said 11 million budget line last year should have
eradicated poverty. He said farmers grow peanuts to eradicate hunger but
it is useless. He said the current groundnut price is a ‘throw price’.
He said by investing in agriculture particularly on cooperative farming
and building of factories, many Gambians will be engaged. He said for
the past 22 years, had this 11 million dalasis been utilized properly,
the Gambia must have been rich by now.
“To turn this dilemma, the opposition decided to unite under the coalition
so that we can change the government since simple majority is in
place. In doing this, we have given you the power to elect among the
presidential candidates in the opposition camp and Adama Barrow was
eventually elected. Therefore, it is a big opportunity to heal the
wound this year because 8 strong people are behind the opposition
candidate to take back our country and put it into good shape.
Halifa Sallah, the spokesperson of Coalition 2016 said young people
and parents have no future in this country because the mass graduates
in senior secondary schools have no place to work to earn a living. He
said this is why the president is elected and takes control of the
economy to build the country, police and soldiers to protect the lives
and properties of the citizens.
“The president is not more important than the citizens because he is
the servant of the people and holds only one vote like any other
ordinary person. The same equality applies to all the tribes and
different faith holders in this country. If you elect any person
president then you have entrusted your power to the person and if the
person happens to be a bad choice, then the citizens will suffer,”
Sallah added.
The former minority leader pointed out that until the people
understand that power belongs to them they will never know what
belongs to them and the leader will misuse power against them.
“Adama Barrow is here if elected, he will amend the constitution, build the
economy and other necessities for the development of the country. If
the three years end, all the parties will go back to their
various parties after the 2 terms of 5 years has been instituted for
presidency. The transitional government will bring development to all
the Gambians without discrimination because tribalism is a bad
ideology,” Sallah concluded.