Gambia Government Wants New Pay Grade for Civil Servants


By Kebba Secka

The Gambia government in collaboration with Personal Management Office is developing an augmented Civil Service pay and grading structure for civil servants, a press release dated 26th April, 2021 from the office of the government spokesperson, Mr. Ebrima G. Sankare indicated.  

The dispatch said the development of the payment structure is technically assisted by consultants from Public Administration International (PAI) in the UK.

It further indicated that President Adama Barrow is conscious of the impact of low salaries and allowances of civil servants especially under the covid-19 pandemic, but the release did not specify when the proposal will be presented before the National Assembly.

Mr. Sankare, who authored the dispatch, was asked how long it will take Cabinet to present a supplementary appropriation bill before the national assembly.

He responded that he cannot tell, saying that decision lies with the cabinet.

Nonetheless, the press release said the Government under the leadership of President Adama Barrow is determined to revise the salary/pay-scale of the service across the board.

“Currently, the Personnel Management Office (PMO) is comprehensively reviewing the allowance structure for civil servants including nurses and paramedics. The Vice President assisted by the Secretary General has studied the draft of the proposed adjustments of allowances that are being fine-tuned by PMO prior to submission to the Cabinet. Simultaneously, PMO has been developing an augmented Civil Service pay and grading structure with consultants from Public Administration International (PAI) in the UK.

“Regrettably, the COVID-19 pandemic has also affected this important exercise. However, notwithstanding the pandemic-related lull, PMO is now at the final stage of costing the pay options developed by the UK consultants. Upon completion, these new options will be presented to Cabinet for Executive consideration and then submission to the National Assembly for the legislative action.

President Barrow’s Government is aware of the domestic and international socio-economics dynamics affecting the standards of living of many people and is diligently working towards ensuring that Gambian civil servants and their families enjoy maximum quality work-life balance with ideal living incomes,” the release indicated.