GAF Promotes 22 Junior Officers to New Ranks


By Makutu Manneh

Gambia Armed Forces has promoted 22 of its personnel to various ranks.

The decoration ceremony which was presided over by the Minister of Defense Sheikh Omar Faye saw the promotion of 20 people to the ranks of Captain and 2 to the rank of Major.

The oaths taken by the new elevated officers were the oath of office, trust, secrecy, allegiance to the Commander in Chief, allegiance to the state and allegiance to the people of the Gambia.

Since the new political dispensation 696 personnel of GAF have been promoted to various ranks.

Major General Yakuba A. Drammeh told the officers that promotion is not a mere decoration but an additional responsibility and challenge to those elevated.

“I trust you are aware of these challenges and responsibilities and you will live up to the expectations that are associated with your new ranks,” he said.

He went on to say the promotion is in recognition of hard work, dedication to duty, discipline, high sense of responsibility, diligence and integrity and that distinguishes them as fine men and women in uniform.

He said promotions in the military are deemed as one of the most important moments in the lives of serving members.

Sherik Omar Faye, Minister of Defense informed the elevated soldiers that it is time for them to reflect on all the positive lessons learnt during their promotional exams and put them into good use.

“Serving your nation is a mission which is demanding and full of challenges, he said.

He assures the Armed forces that his ministry will continue to support them in these endeavors.

He continued to congratulate the officers as he called it a well deserved promotion for the soldiers.

Minister Faye said the ceremony marks another day in the history of the Gambia Armed forces particularly the men and women who are elevated, saying this represents a milestone in their quest to address the much needed human resources and due to their reforms and increased commitment both at home, in the national and international arena.

“Therefore regular and systematic promotion of our personnel is in line with our quest to build a force commensurate to its current and anticipated future assignments,” he said.

Major Lamin Nije speaking on behalf of the promoted forces assures that they will continue to strive in keeping the Gambian flag flying.