FSYA Holds Congress, Elect New Leadership


By Nelson Manneh

Faraba-Sutu Youths’ Association has on Saturday 2nd January, 2020, held their congress at Faraba-sutu in Kombo East District, West Coast Region.

This is the first time in the history of the village that the youths came together to form such an association. The main objective of the association is to bring all youths of Faraba-Sutu together and engage them for them to achieve their dreams and fully develop their hidden talents and qualities.

The association also aims “To foster unity and cooperation among youths in pursuit of social justice, equal rights and opportunities, and to provide a forum for discussion and articulation of the concerns, views and opinions of the youths on national issues, and especially those issues that directly or indirectly have impact on our welfare.”

In his opening statement, the representative of the Alikalo of Faraba-Sutu village, Babucarr Darboe, recognized the presence of the Kombo East District Youth Committee at the congress.

Darboe called on all the youths of the village to take the event seriously and participate fully, as the association will be the architect of the future of the youths and the village in general.

Alieu Sanyang, an active member of Kombo East District Youth Committee and a native of Faraba-Sutu, said youth work is about sacrifice and the main challenges youth leaders face is poor turnout of youths during activities.

“I work with young people in many activities and am ready to share my experience with all of you. My doors are open anytime you need me. I will be ready to support you,” he said.

Abdoulie Njie, the Chairperson of Kombo East District Youth Committee, acknowledged the presence of his committee members and expressed sincere gratitude to the participants, noting that it was the first association ever structured by the current District Youth Committee.

Njie described youth work as voluntary work, saying it is a field of its own where one gains lots of experience.

To the newly elected executive, Njai said it is easy to be elected into office but the unanimous fulfillment of service is a challenge.

He said the District Youth Committee would not consider any village that does not have a structure, despite incoming benefits. Thus, he encouraged the members to have an activity action plan and assured them that the doors of the committee are always open.

Njai encouraged the association members to be self-reliant and collectively support each other.

Following this, the constitution of the association was tabled before the committee and unanimously reviewed clause by clause before it was adopted.