FoWA Congress: Workers Applaud Progress, New Executive Takes Charge


By Isatou Kanyi

Foroyaa Workers’ Association (FoWA) Friday held its congress and the financial report of the treasurer, Kebba AF Touray, revealed that the association’s savings has more than triple the amount that was presented to congress two years ago.

From little above D10, 000 last year to over D50, 000 balance made in 2020- an outcome applauded by the membership, commending the executive for a job well done.

Ansumana Barrow, FoWA outgoing auditor, revealed that the association’s account reflected all transactions which showed that high financial discipline was undertaken.

Auditor Barrow highlighted the income generated, financial expenditure and all the transactions made, including membership monthly contribution, social fund contribution and financial donations received.

Mr. Barrow explained that the total income received from social fund by FoWA was D72, 709.00. D29, 000.00 was from the social fund, D10, 170.00 was given to FoWA by the Foroyaa management, D719.86 was received as interest from the bank and D20, 400.00 was from the membership contribution, while D12, 420.00 was the balance forwarded from 2019.

“As I write this report the amount remaining in the account is D50, 559.00. This includes the interest received, the social fund and the monthly contributions of members,” he said.  

Amie Sanneh Bojang, the Chairperson of FoWA, said the association’s main aim is to foster unity and cooperation among its members in pursuit of social justice, equal rights and opportunities. 

Madam Bojang said workers everywhere are the driving force and their rights should be respected.

“We at FoWA understood that collectively we can bring about change and this is our binding force. ‘United we excel’ is our motto and this is what binds us. The workers here are more than united. If you are looking for the most united staff among media houses, Foroyaa has it and the unity here is a model,” she said.

She said they have achieved all their targets in 2019, but they couldn’t achieve all their targets in 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic. Training programmes could not be done, she said.

FoWA Secretary General, Yankuba Jallow, said their association was founded in 2014 and they are the second executive body since its foundation. 

Jallow said their aims and objectives are to bring all Foroyaa workers together in a bid to fully develop their talents and qualities as well as provide financial support to members, among others.

SG Jallow said they had a meeting with the Management to deliberate on the welfare of workers which yielded positive results as the management worked out the issue of late salary payment. He thanked Foroyaa management for often responding to them when they have issues of concern. 

Kebab Jeffang, the Representative of Gambia Press Union (GPU), said Foroyaa is a great partner to the GPU and is one of the media outlets that stood by the union during hard moments of dictatorship. He thus urged the members and the executives of FoWA to continue to work together to ensure the progress of the association.  

Abass Bangura, executive member of FoWA, thanked all and sundry who contributed in one way or the other towards the progress of the association.

Meanwhile, election was conducted at the end of the congress and a new executive was ushered in to serve a two-year mandate. Below is the list of the new executive, some of them were reelected:

Amie Sanneh Bojang- Chairperson 

Alpha A. Bah- Vice Chairperson 

Yankuba Jallow- Secretary General 

Makutu Manneh- Assistant Secretary General 

Nelson Manneh- Spokesperson

Hawa Jallow- Treasurer 

Mariama Jabai Touray- Auditor General