By Saikou Suwareh Jabai The prices of some basic foods continue to rise, according to sellers.Food items at the Serekunda Sandika At the Serekunda market, a Senegalese wholesale shopkeeper called Sheikh Fall indicated that prices of some items have been constant but others like sugar and cooking oil continue to rise. He said the price of a bag of sugar rose from D1390 last month to D1450 while the 20 litre container of cooking oil is now sold for D950, the 10 litre container for D575 and the litre bottle for D70. Sheikh Fall indicated that a bag of rice costs D1150 (American rice), D1100 or D1125, depending on the type of the rice. He said a bag of onions, which was D450 is now sold at D460, a kilo stands at D35 and half a kilo costs D20. The same, he said, applies to potatoes. A bag of flour is sold for D1500. A butcher at Serrekunda Market told this reporter that beef (meat and bone) is sold at a uniform price of D190 per kilo or at D95 per pound. A retailer at Latrikunda Market who prefers anonymity for what he described as ‘security reasons’ said a bag of rice costs D1150 while sugar runs from D1400 to D1455 and flour at D1500. A bag of potatoes or onions costs D460 while a kilo is sold for D35. He said the medium size of a mayonnaise bottle costs D130 and the small size D65. The big tin of tomato paste is D140 and the small tin is costing D35. At his shop, a carton of spaghetti has increased from D360 to D375 and the packet costs D10. A kilo of meat and bone at Latrikunda Market is sold at D190. Prices of basic foodstuffs at Bundung Market are at the same levels but with a noticeable price difference in the case of a bag of flour and meat. The price of a kilo of meat and bone is costing D160. A small shop operator, Alpha Bah, said a bag of rice is costing D1150 and sugar D1475. He said a packet of jumbo costs D55. He has the same price levels in ketchup as in the other markets. He blames high wholesale prices, high transport costs and the ‘unfavorable taxes’ levied on their goods for the high prices.]]>

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