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Fire Service Receives Water Tender


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By Makutu Manneh

The Gambia Fire and Rescue Services (GFRS) on Monday January 20th 2020, received a water tender from the Cumbrian Fire and Rescue Services.

The fire tender which has a multiple system to fight against fire outbreaks, also has equipment for road accidents and other firefighting systems which personnel of the GFRS said they better understood.

The GFRS personnel were provided with knowledge on fire suppression, use of ground monitors and pump operation and control within the driver’s cabin.

“This machine means a lot to us as to the number of calls received by GFRS in terms of service provision on road accidents or fire outbreaks increase. The more firefighting equipment we have, the more we are able to deal with outbreaks on time and with efficiency,” Interior Deputy Permanent Secretary Louis Moses said; that they are working with all stakeholders to come together so that when there is road construction, the issues of hydrants will be featured for water to be accessible to firefighters during outbreaks.

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If readers can recall, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of GFRS once lamented that when NAWEC fixes hydrants on roads, they are not consulted in the process. And for this problem to be resolved, the Interior Deputy Permanent Secretary Louis Moses said they are working with all stakeholders including NAWEC for water to be accessible to firefighters.

Chief Fire Officer Sang Colley Ndow, voiced how important this machine is to their services even though the water tender is not new. He thanked the donor for coming to the aid of Gambians; that firefighters also need drugs to attend to emergencies especially in road accidents where they provide first aid services to victims. Ndow also urged people to take preventive measures on their properties and save them from fire damages.

William Watson on behalf of Cumbrian Fire and Rescue Services assured their Gambian counterparts of keeping a working relationship with them in order to provide more equipment and training.

“This equipment is the latest material in the fight against fire outbreaks in the world. We believe the donated vehicle and training of GFRS personnel will make us respond quickly to fire outbreaks with the right firefighting equipment and other issues relating to our work,” GRFS PRO said. Pateh Gibba said the GFRS calls on all stakeholders, individuals and the private sector, to give a helping hand to the GFRS in the prevention and protection of people’s properties against fire damage.

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