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By Mustapha Jallow

“I want to know whether my daughter is dead or alive as we have not seen her since that Thursday when she left home and was Nogoi Njiereported to be arrested at Westfield,” said the sobbing mother of Nogoi Njie, who could not control herself.

When this reporter visited the family home of Nogoi Njie in Mandinari yesterday, he found the disabled mother and other relatives who are in a complete state of confusion as regards the whereabouts of their daughter, sister and mother who is said to be among those people that were arrested by the security forces at Westfield on Thursday, 14 April, while protesting for electoral reforms. The family said they have not seen or heard from her since then and have been searching for her to no avail.

“I have been going to Banjul to the high court to attend the cases of the Westfield protesters and the UDP executive and members but have not seen her appear in any of the three occasions they were brought there,” said one of the relatives.

Asked whether they have gone to search for her in any of the police stations or places of detention, the relative responded in the negative.

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He, however, added that the family is very much worried about her situation as she is hypertensive.

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