Wednesday, February 8, 2023



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Reports are coming to Foroyaa indicating missing relatives who are believed to have been arrested on the 9 May 2016 and are now kept in unknown places in gross violation of section 19 of the Constitution.

Justice is done and is seen to be done if there is no impunity. Any disregard of the Constitution to the level of causing people to disappear amounts to impunity in matters of governance.

The State has a duty to protect its unarmed citizens. Any failure to do so renders leaders unfit to govern.

All leaders are fit to govern only if they have respect for the people who pay the taxes and ensure that disciplined forces are paid and fed.

Power is connected with, dependent on and determined by the will of the absolute majority. Leaders who fail to respect it are destined to be removed and replaced by leaders who have respect for it.

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