Estate Agency Launches Social Housing Project


By Isatou Kanyi

The Gambia Smart Construction Real Estate Agency, in collaboration with the Gambia Government, has launched a social housing project on Friday 18th December, 2020.

The said project is aimed at fulfilling the dreams of families in The Gambia with low income to own houses.

Speaking at the ceremony, Velma Wright, Business Development Manager of Smart Construction, said as an estate agency, they have been in the sector for five years, specializing in construction.

Wright said social housing is needed in most African countries, saying there is currently a housing crisis which needs both public and private interventions.

“At this moment for us to invest social housing in The Gambia will positively support Gambia {socially and economically},” she said at the event held at Smart Construction Building, Brusubi.  

Basamba Drammeh, Executive Managing Partner of the aforesaid estate agency, explained that housing crisis is an issue in The Gambia. He added that every Gambian deserve to have not only a property but a hom.

“We are not just selling our property to Gambian or making money {but} also to help Gambians to live in affordable homes,” he said.

Papa Njie, keynote speaker at the event, said housing is a basic human right in The Gambia.

Njie urged Gambians to work together to make affordable housing viable in the country.

He also advised the estate agency to work with the insurance companies to support people if they fall on hard times to pay their mortgage.