Ebrima Ceesay missing for 3 months Family appeals for help to locate him


The family of one Ebrima Ceesay of Kanifing South in Kanifing Municipality is appealing to the general public to help them with Ebrima Ceesayinformation on his whereabouts as he has gone missing since 28 November 2015.

Mr. Ceesay is said to be 39 years old and a strongly built young man at 5 feet 8 inches who speaks fluent Wollof, Creole and English.

According to the family, he was last seen on that fateful morning of 28 November (last year) around 9 am when he was putting on a blue T-Shirt and jean trouser and informing them that he was going to visit a friend of his in the same neighbourhood of Kanifing South. They said since then he has not been seen. The family has made a lot of enquiries with his friends, neighbours and acquaintances but that his whereabouts still remains a mystery to them.

The family explained that they have visited many nearby police stations to report the matter and are promised that any information regarding his whereabouts will be communicated to them.

According to the family, the young man has a history of mental illness and was taking medication.

They are therefore appealing to anyone who has a clue as to his whereabouts to inform them or the police. The family members to be contacted and their numbers are as follows: Musa Ceesay 2404721596  [email protected]; Mbemba Ceesay +49 1575 5426141; Nfansu Ceesay 2203423042; Kalilu  Ceesay 244931608471 [email protected];
Mabintu Ceesay 2203057219 and Lasana Ceesay +358 40 8537568.