By Kebba Camara. Dr Seedy Drammeh, a Doctorate degree holder working with Gambia Dr. Seedy DrammehRevenue Authority as Human Resource and Administration Manager has recently published two books totaling his book publication to 18. The recent books he published are, “WCO leadership and Management Development Workshop in Banjul” and “The Plight of Women in Rural Africa/” Speaking to this reporter in his office after he officially declared the two books published, he said he worked on the first book which is WCO Leadership in collaboration with his office, GRA. He said this book will help GRA and other public offices on how to choose the right people for workshops and trainings. This will help in the selection of staff for trainings. He said he received a lot of positive responses from both staff and management of the GRA after publishing the book. “After the workshop, I spent two months writing the book, it was a bit The Plight of Women in Rural Africahectic and as you know printing is also expensive. The book contains some pictorials that will show the pictures of the workshop and other dignitaries, that make the printing a little costly on me, I must commend the staff of GRA and management for their valuable support.’’ Speaking on the second book which is titled “The plight of women in Rural Africa,” he said it came out of his discussion with a female lawyer who said they will be interested in seeing any book that will be directed to the development of women especially rural women. He said he then tasked himself to work on that book. “In the book you will realise that I went round the rural areas talking to women in action, those women who are directly involved, and I published their opinions in the book.” The book, he said, does not limit itself to the plight of women in Gambia, but in Africa in general, thanks to his many trips to other African countries. He said his target for the readership of this book is the general public especially the women, the Female Lawyers Association and the United Nations. Women Empowerment is something people should continue to advocate for, both locally and internationally, he said. He opined that this kind of books will help in finding solutions to the problems of women.’’ Dr Drammeh said this book also contains some pictorials and the printing is always more expensive when it contains pictures. He said for a start, he printed only 200 copies of “The Plight of women.” He was quick to add that he will be interested in partnering with any interested person to print more copies of the book where possible. Dr Drammeh was asked what constraints he had when he was working on these two books. “Apart from printing cost, to make the books more interesting I have to travel far and wide to conduct interviews which are not easy. Besides it is difficult to get people to speak to you. Another major constraint is the reading culture of the people, it kills the spirit of the writer to publish a book that people will not buy.’’ On a final note, Dr Drammeh said even though these two books will augment his publication to 18, he will still continue to write books if the strength and energy are still there. He thanked all the people who always help when he is writing a book and those who patronized him by purchasing his books. Meanwhile the two publications are available at Timbooktoo Bookshop and he could be reached on his numbers which are 9807933 or 7572507.]]>