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(Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka Wahtaan Chi Saayii)


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They were married and leading a comfortable life blessed with a witty lad of 12 years doing well in school and now on scholarship.

Worsack runs a family construction business and doing very well; Dagou was teaching in Kindergarten but later resigned to the home and resorted to catering and an Event Planner.   Later on, a smart mother and affectionate wife withdrew into her shield and exclude her family from her life; forcing plastic smiles on her face, frustrated her lively husband. She stopped her work and resigned into herself.
“What is eating her up? She refuses to dress up and always draping herself into shabby clothes and is no longer attractive to me.” Worsack is worried and he asked her:
“Are you sick? What is eating you up my dear wife? Whatever it is, I’m also affected as well as our whole house. You have also succeeded into turning our house into a graveyard.”
“Nothing is affecting me, I am fine,” she retorted.
“Is this what you call fine? Time will tell sooner or later the wind will blow the hen’s backside.”
When will Dagou open up to her husband and family to make her house smile again?

At the Mini Market
The couple went to the mini market to buy their weekly grocery. The shop’s porter, a boy, helped them to pack their stock into the car’s boot and then said:
“Sir, everything has been packed with the exception of the water packets which are being brought by your house help.”
Worsack drew him closer and protested.
“She is not my house help but my wife. Get this into your thick skull, eh!” stressed Worsack.

He walked and opened his car. He is very embarrassed and annoyed.
The porter looked at Dagou and shook his head but was unconvinced that she is the wife of the ‘boss’.

He closely examined her and concluded in his mind that the shop’s porter was right.
“She looks exactly like a house help than a wife because of the way she appeared in an ordinary dressed with no air of ‘class’ befitting of her!” he said in his mind.
“Why that look? What’s wrong?” she asked him.
“Why don’t you dress up when going out with me to assume the privileged and high class status that you are in? I’m a business executive and for God sake?”
She became defensive.
“What’s wrong with my dress?”
“You did not see anything wrong with it? Don’t you have different dresses for different occasions? Where are all those designer dresses I’ve bought for you? I’ve never seen you wear them since they were bought for you?”
“What is wrong with what I’m wearing now? I am a child of God and I reject vanity.”
“Do you call taking care of yourself vanity?”
Worsack then kept quiet on the way until they arrived home.

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At the Resort
Worsack decided to open up to his childhood friend Chokerr.
“She has again embarrassed me at the mini market.”
“How do you mean?” asked Chokerr.
“By the dress and foot wear she put on. She was in her home clothes (ngirgaper) with bathroom slippers and accompanied me to the mini market and the most embarrassing part of it was when the shop’s errand boy referred to my wife as my house help. A whole me! When I raised the subject with her, she accused me of belittling her. She embarrasses and belittles my status as a business executive. I always buy her fancy things to wear for different occasions but she would just thank me and then pack the stuff away. What can I do? I’m really frustrated by this new attitude and I’m really pushed to the wall you know. I have now come to a decision.”

“Excellent, a problem identified is half solved and as I’ve been telling you, you can still find a solution but just need to be a little bit patient,” adviced Chokerr.
“I bought her very nice and expensive things but she dumps all of  them and prefer to wear shabby clothes.”
“When did you notice the change?”
“Dagou is not fashion conscious but she was more decent looking when we used to go for outing and was also an attraction at home but when she lost her mom to cancer and was adviced not to conceive again after giving birth to our son, Magal, everything changed and she cannot accept that we are going to have only one child when our family business is blossoming.”
“Ah! Haven’t I told you that something is bothering her and you should take it easy and find out?”
“You have a point there, I’ll take it from there.”
“You remember it was in university when I used to give you free counseling and you gave me the name Chokerr, which sticks up to today, and this changed the original name my dad gave me at my naming ceremony, even some members of my family do not know that my name is Chernor Kula.”
“You are right. Waiter, please! Can you bring me more drinks as I have to treat my friend and counsellor.”

Damel Kodu
She is an elegant, attractive lady, a ‘jongama’ (lady). She walked past them to the bar and Worsack glued his eyes on her.
“I’ll be back. I have an appointment but I’ll be back or better still bring in my chilled drinks. I’ll give you your fare.”
“Everything for the lady of the house!” She left but Worsack lusted over her.

“Your bill is ready, what name should I put on it?” asked the waiter, but the ‘boss’ was lusting over Damel as Abraham shook his head.
“Do you want to eat her up?” asked Chokerr, who brought him back to the conversation.
“Put Wor.” He told Abraham.

She got a flat tyre and was struggling to fix it, when Worsack came along?

He greets her and comes down from his car. “What is it fair damsel?” A Flat tyre?”
“I think it is this thing, it is naughty,” she responded.
Wor offered a helping hand and fixed it.
“Thank you very much. You are indeed a Good Samaritan.”
“You were the damsel I saw at the pub and you look so beautiful and elegant that I glued my eyes on you until the bar man had to distract me gaze to settle his bill.”
They both laughed over it.
“My name is Damel Kodu or lady D.K. I am a performer at Club D.K. I perform on Wednesdays and weekends with snacks, pepper soup of all types, plus local drinks are prepared for our guests and patrons but no alcohol is sold as a precaution to avert unruly behavior. In fact what we loss in the sale of alcohol we recover from the gate pass and this was my idea. Our business is a partnership with the bar owner,” D.K explained.
“That was a brilliant idea of yours and you indeed have a business acumen.”
“I am a graduate of Business Management and Business Administration but I love dancing and performing. You are invited you’ll like it when I perform you’ll think I am another person, it is hot fire and very infectious.”
Wor laughed aloud.
“You have already infected me and I’ll take the challenge.”
They both got into their cars and left.
To be Cont.


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