Did The University Students Hold Their Demonstration?

Question of the Day


The university students did not cause any disruption of traffic. There was no confrontation with the security forces. It was a peaceful protest. They had the very rare form of demonstration that no civilized society will ever object to. They simply marched and then made their demands for the authorities to take note. Their demands are as follows:

“That the government should reduce Tuition Fees for University education,  

That the government should provide Buses for students,

That the University Management should effectively resolve all missing grades and to immediately address late submission of grades,

Immediate expulsion of all underperforming lecturers in the University, because we need quality, receptive and relevant education,

That the University Management should renovate all poor facilities in UTG before lectures begin, this semester,  

That the government and Management should provide laboratory for the medical school and Arts and Sciences,  

That the UTG should provide studios for the Journalism Students,

That the cost attached to paying transcript fee should be reduced for both national and international purposes,  

That standard libraries should be established in all campuses, especially Brikama campus,  

That UTG should increase the number of lecturers to schools lacking enough lecturers, and bringing back adjunct lecturers whose performances have satisfied students,  

Resume onsite lectures effective this semester (no compromise),  

That UTG should install strong WiFi / Internet Connectivity across all campuses before lectures begin,

That the government should intervene to end semesterly strikes in UTG because students are tired of strike after strike,

We further call on the government to constitute a task force committee which MUST include the students that would spearhead the implementation of each of our demands. 

“With these demands, we remain very firm and solid on their immediate implementation without any further negotiation. And unless and until these demands are met, we reiterate that we would boycott all lectures and that no student should pay his or her tuition fee until further notice,

“We have endured so much and in conditions that are even more deplorable and debilitating than what both the staff and management are facing! We have been patient for too long. Enough is Enough: We cannot take it anymore.”

Since this is an election year their demands should be noted by the existing government and those who are seeking to unseat it. Those who refuse to heed the demand cannot claim to be interested in the welfare of their young people.

The university is a foundation for building the human resources of a country. A nation neglects its university at its own peril. Hence the whole country should congratulate the students for the mature way they addressed their concerns. Those who govern should reciprocate by addressing those demands to the fullest. That is the best way to avoid future protests.