Darboe promises to provide women with gainful employment opportunities


By Morro ML Minteh

The secretary general and leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Ousainou ANM Darboe, has assured his party supporters that a UDP-led government will provide opportunities for women to engage in gainful employment with their employment rights fully protected under the law.

Speaking to his party supporters at a mass rally held on Saturday, Darboe said The Gambia needs a new kind of politics that will create a good environment for high energy democracy and a new theory of government that is value adding and economically empowering the people. He said this can be seen in the party’s 5-point agenda.

“We have to merge together because we have a common destiny and that can create a better Gambia,” he said. “However, it is your responsibility to elect a responsible government.”

Speaking further, Darbor said the corruption they have been fighting against since during the days of the former regime of former president Yahya Jammeh will be eradicated once they are in power.

Darboe said tax and security reforms would be ensured so that business men will be ready to invest their resources in the country without any fear.

Nonetheless, he said UDP will treat people with equally and they would never epitomize any form of violence in the country.

“UDP would never take revenge on any perpetrator, particularly those who have been victimized under the leadership of Yaya Jammeh,” he said.