The Values Of The Republic Must Be Upheld By Genuine Demomcrats


As we get closer to the battle lines for the 2021 elections many tendencies are beginning to reveal that show that not all Gambians truly cherish the values of the republic.

A republic is a country where there is no monarchy and where the people are sovereign. It empowers the people to determine their manner of government based on their unalloyed consent.

This simply means that each sovereign person should go and vote without being subjected to inducement or intimidation and is motivated to do so to promote the general welfare of all without distinction to ethnolinguistic origin, gender, religion or any other divide.

Those who uphold the objectives of the republic are the genuine democrats who will not appeal to ethnolinguistic, religious, sectarian or other divide to seek political office. They will only support and promote what serves the sovereign people as a whole.

Those who promote the values of the republic must demonstrate that they love country and people and are willing to do everything possible to promote peace, stability and development of their country and the general wellbeing of their sovereign people without any distinction.