Defense Minister Faye Recognizes Halifa Sallah’s Role during the Impasse


By: Kebba AF Touray

Gambia’s Defense Minister, Sheikh Omar Faye, has hailed Member for Serrekunda, Halifa Sallah, for his patriotism and the excellent role he played during the 2016 political impasse.

Minister Faye made this acknowledgement on Tuesday 29th September 2020, during a courtesy call visit to the ECOMIG Troops in Fajara. He said the visit aims to boost the cordial relation between ECOMIG Forces and the Defense Ministry

He said: “I want to use this opportunity to acknowledge Hon. Halifa Sallah for the excellent role that he played during that difficult time talking to the whole world about the situation in The Gambia. He is worthy of commendations for that Patriotism and we should not forget that time”.

He said it was during that difficult time that the Presidents of Gambia and ECOWAS deemed it necessary to bring in EMOMIC Forces into the Gambia, to maintain peace and avert any form of security crisis in the country.

The Minister of defense cleared: “the ECOMIG Troops that are currently serving in the Gambia are here for the interest of the Gambian populace. Therefore Gambians need to cherish them and exercise patience as they came at a time that we needed them the most to help us to resolve our political crisis”.

He also told ECOMIG Forces: “my visit also aims to show the country’s appreciation to the ECOMIG Troops for the excellent job that they have been executing in the Gambia all geared towards helping the Gambians in the maintenance of peace and tranquility”.

He also reiterated that he deems it fitting to pay courtesy call on his counterpart friends and to find out their achievement , challenges and constraints and have a dialogue with them as well as carve the way forward.

According to the minister, the ECOMIG are here for Intervention, Stabilization and withdrawal stages, while stressing that the Sub regional bloc Forces have moved from the intervention stage to the stabilization stage, to protect government and people, and make sure that the Armed forces work with civil authority for better understanding between the two sectors and restore the lost trust that unfolded between the two sectors.

He concluded by thanking the ECOMIG Forces serving in the Gambia for the great job they are doing in order to ensure that peace and stability prevail in the country, while urging Gambians to be patient with the ECOMIG Forces, as security sector Reform is not an event but is a continued process.