DCP Colley Says No Vehicle Exempted From Bearing Registered Number Plates


By Kebba Mamburay

Lamin ‘King’ Colley, Deputy Commission of Police (DCP), has informed this medium in an interview that there is no vehicle that is exempted from bearing registered number plates on them.

Colley, one of the most senior officers of the Mobile Traffic Unit of the Gambia Police Force, talked to Foroyaa in an exclusive interview about vehicles without number plates, especially official government vehicles. He said not even Government vehicles are allowed to move about without bearing registered number plates.

According to Section 25(a) of the motor traffic acts, “if a plate is required to be fixed, carried or exhibited on a vehicle under this part of the act is not fixed, carried or exhibited or allowed to become not easily distinguishable, the person driving the vehicle commits an offence.”

Colley cited an irrevocable example on the presidential fleets and said they all carry registered number plates, and be it as it may, there will be no other vehicle that will be allowed to use the roads without vehicle identification (registered number plates).

“Last week, I parked tens of cars of Government vehicles without number plates and as a result, there will be a circular will be dispatched to all departments especially Government institutions that all vehicles must carry a registered number plate on them because there is no body above the law. Next time I caught anyone driving a vehicle without number plates, I will arraign the person before the court of law,” he said”

King Colley said most of these vehicles are borrowed when there is a national occasion, like election period, and after these events, he said the number plates should be fixed back on the vehicles for identification purposes.

Meanwhile, King Colley said there are certain vehicles that are authorized by the IGP to be tinted, but that does not warrant any person to drive a vehicle that has no number plates.

He said should such happens, then the person, whether government official or civilian, has committed a serious crime under the laws of the Gambia.

King Colley concluded that even the vehicles of the Head of State, the IG of Police, and the Interior Minister’s cars have number plates.

“So, there is no person exempted to drive a car irrespective of one’s position without a registered number plate,” he emphasised.