Darboe calls on Gambians to be Law Abiding


United Democratic Party Secretary General has called on Gambians to be law abiding and continue the peaceful coexistence that the smallest country in mainland Africa is known for and keep the Smiling Coast of Africa Smiling.  

See below the full text of the press release issued by Ousainou NM Darboe:

The UDP has observed with alarm and horror the recent spike in incidents of violent crimes such as rape and murder happening with a disturbing frequency in hitherto quiet and peaceful communities like Tanjie, Sanyang and Busumbala. In addition, there has been reports where security personnel and installations have been violently attacked by mobs causing injuries and serious damage to property and security establishments.

If the security men and women employed to protect the people are themselves under attack, then the security situation in the country has degenerated to a distressing level and that the Barrow Government should directly engage the affected communities with the security apparatus of the state to restore peace and tranquillity.   

In the same vein UDP welcomes the appointment of a substantive Inspector General of Police after the untimely demise of IGP Jobe and commends the current initiative ‘Operation Zero Crime’. The UDP calls on the Barrow Government to engage the communities affected, local government authorities and all relevant stakeholders to stem the tide towards chaos and lawlessness.

Therefore, the UDP calls on the Barrow Government to thoroughly investigate all incidents of violent crimes and keep the people informed of all developments as a way to reassure them of their safety especially in their homes and places of work within the ambit of the law.

UDP is aware of the difficult times the vast majority of our people are going through with the exorbitant rise in the cost of living and the absence of livelihood opportunities for the youths. The devastating impact of COVID19 has affected the whole world but as a people we cannot give in to despair. 

UDP stands in solidarity with the Gambian people and renews its commitment to build a capable state that will empower and enable the young people to fulfil their dreams of living a life of purpose and in dignity.

Finally, the UDP urges all Gambians to be law abiding and continue the peaceful coexistence that our nation is known for and let’s keep the Smiling Coast of Africa Smiling


Secretary General & Party Leader