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By Fatoumatta K Jallow Students of Brufut Upper Basic School displayed their anger and frustration on the streets of Brufut and the school grounds when they heard that the school land was to be taken over by private individuals consequent upon a court order. The incident which occurred at the Brufut Upper Basic School on 3rd December 2014 around 2 pm, was observed by this reporter who saw the students restricting vehicles and officials from entering the school. The principal of Brufut Upper Basic School, Mr. Jabbi, said the Brufut Upper Basic School was established in the year 2002 and the land is 250 metres by 250 metres. He said later they realised that there were some people who came and sold all the land area of the school and divided it into pieces of land which they sold. The students spoken to say they do not want their classes to be disrupted. Foroyaa will make a follow up on the issue in our subsequent editions.  ]]>

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