City Link Ostend- Banjul Validates Africa First Aid Training Material


By Ndey Sowe

City Link Ostend- Banjul has validated the Africa First Aid Training Material (AFAM) which is basically developed for a unified training manual for all Africa first aid trainers.

AFAM aims to provide standardization in First Aid Training in Africa particularly Gambia.

The City Link Ostend- Banjul Project took two days to review and validate the AFAM with The Gambia Red Cross Society. The event was held at St Mary’s Cathedral Hall in Banjul.

This is the first activity between City Link and Gambia Red Cross Society under the ‘Future Proof Banjul’ project funded by the European Union Covid-19 Response programme. It came to complement the existing efforts of the Banjul City Council (BCC).

Alfusainey Gano, the Project Manager highlighted that the budget for the project is 3 Million Euros and is funded by the EU based on the long standing link between the cities of Ostend and Banjul.

He added that the project aims to make contribution towards establishing a resilient and livable city as a hub for commerce, prosperity and good governance.

Alasan Senghore, the Secretary General of the Gambia Red Cross Society expressed gratitude and honor to be part of this process.

He remarked: “A process that I have seen internationally and locally. In 2010 I was working as Regional Director for Africa for the International Federation of Red Cross based in Johannesburg South Africa that was the first time this AFAM was introduced in Africa by the Belgian Red Cross with the International federation.”

He added that he was part of the team posted to make sure that the AFAM becomes a reality in Africa, and as far as the Red Cross is concerned, first aid is part of the founding of the Red Cross.

Mam Lai Jasseh, the City Link Project Coordinator who represented the Mayor of Banjul, noted that specialists through sub-Saharan Africa developed the guidelines on which AFAM is based on with special attention given to African studies.

“All featured illustrations are African models, 11 African experts from the Red Cross Society and other organisations guided the AFAM project”, he said.

Sanna Singhateh, the Chairman AFAM Committee, Omar K Badjie the First Aid Coordinator Gambia Red Cross Society and Momodou Jahateh, the Banjul Red Cross Branch Chairman also spoke.

The 3 Million Euros EU funded project will span for three years and it focuses on five (5) key components such as, Good governance, Greening the City, Improved city waste management, Accessible Health Care and Sustainable Development Center at Crab Island (former School.