CDS Drammeh Says the Military Should Not Engage in Politics


By Makutu Manneh

Lieutenant General Yakuba A. Drammeh, while continuing his tours to military facilities, informed the soldiers that the military engaging in politics is a conflict of interest.

“People call themselves politicians, let them engage in politics. We are soldiers, let us protect and defend the country,” he said. “Personally, I will not partake in politics, I do not expect you to partake.”

The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) further told the soldiers that they cannot involve themselves in political activities, saying it will not be taken lightly if any soldier is seen taking part in any political rally and that he has warned the senior members of the Armed Forces.

Speaking further, Lt. General said it is observed with keen interest about the rise in tribal competitions especially in social media.

CDS Drammeh described tribes insulting tribes as a dangerous precedent adding that these are issues increasing in social media platforms.

The army’s chief said Gambians should learn from history.

“The essence of history is to learn from the past. Learn from our mistakes,” he said.

He added that Gambians’ relationships are interwoven, taking himself as an example that he comes from all the major tribes. He asked where he stands if there is conflict in the country.

“Most of you share a similar position,” he said.

CDS Drammeh advised the soldiers to respect elders, women and youths in the country and work amicably with them.

“You have a special mission to perform ready to provide security,” he said.