Calm Restored in Manduar


By Abdoulie Fatty

The situation at Manduar village in West Coast Region has calmed now as mediation efforts by government and IEC officials and villagers seem to be working.

Yesterday, people from Manduar Mandinka-kunda and Manduar Touba-kunda clashed over alkaloship and issuance of attestation for voters’ registration.

The aforesaid officials initiated a peace mediation team to solve the situation and we have received reports that the situation is under control at the moment.

Speaking to Foroyaa, Jerreh Bojang, Alkalo of Manduar-Mandinka, said serenity has returned at the village, thanking God for the current situation.  

“As of now, there is no problem and that is what we are praying for. As I’m talking to you, everything is in the hands of IEC,” he said. “Whatever decision (IEC makes) is ok for me.”

Muhammeh Alieu Krubally, IEC Supervisor 37, also confirmed that everything is going smoothly.  He said the registration process is ongoing.

Alkalo Bojang urged the villagers to register for their voters’ cards. But he was quick to add that they must go with one of the necessary documents. 

Babucar Secka, the Alkalo of Manduar Wolof, said they are still waiting on the IEC’s decision.

“I cannot say anything as of now until we get information from IEC,” he said.

The mediation team tried to convince people of Manduar Wolof Kunda to go to the registration center yesterday after the clash broke out, but they refused, saying they were mercilessly attacked and beaten until some of their colleagues were seriously wounded. They instead claimed for a new registration center to be stationed at their area or elsewhere or even at the IEC building.

Secka, yesterday, said they would not go back to the village Bantaba to get registered.

Meanwhile, Alkalo Bojang said some 5 people were arrested and they are yet to be released.

Ousman Saidy, who spoke on behalf of the youth our reporter met, said they are not happy with the PIU officers, saying they are yet to know the whereabouts of the people the PIU arrested.

“Since yesterday…the information we have is that they are in Banjulinding Station which is false. We later understand that they are in Bijilo Police Station and we have information that they are not in better condition. They normally have only breakfast there. The government has to do something about it,” Saidy said.