British Embassy supports WHO in Fight against Ebola


Sarjo Camara Singateh Dr. Charles Segoe-Moses, the World Health Organisation (WHO)Ambassador Crorkin and Dr. Taal Country Representative to the Gambia, with assistance from the British Embassy in the Gambia, has donated medical equipment to the Health Ministry in support of Ebola response and preparedness at a ceremony held at the organisation’ offices at Kotu.The British Embassy donated D800.000 (eight hundred thousand dalasi) while the WHO provided D1.5 million (one and half million dalasi) which went to procure the medical equipment. In handing over the equipment to the ministry, the WHO Representative said the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak poses far-reaching health, economic and social implications to individuals, families, the health system and the country at large. He added that the economic repercussion of Ebola affects both the affected and unaffected countries. Dr. Segoe-Moses said since the EVD outbreak was first notified to WHO in March 2014 by the Ministry of Health of Guinea, nine other countries have reported cases of the virus. “Although today, many of these countries are Ebola-free, or have reduced transmission, intense and widespread transmission still continues in Sierra Leone, while new cases still continue to be reported in Guinea,” he revealed. He said the risk of transmission of the virus to neighboring countries still continues to remain high and there is no room for complacency and that in this regard, countries which are not yet affected like The Gambia need to reinforce existing Ebola preparedness and response measures that  were developed since March 2014. Importantly, he added, there is a need to intensify  support to strengthen surveillance, investigation of alert cases. “I am presenting to you the following items on behalf of the United Nations to further cement our existing interventions and to supplement Government’s efforts in strengthening Ebola preparedness efforts. These include: 300 Heavy duty PPEs,100 Body bags, Triple Packaging for safe handling and shipment of suspected EVD samples, 500 copies of Hand hygiene posters,500 copies of safe EVD sample collection booklet,500 copies of safe EVD sample shipment booklet, 500 copies of EVD Case Management Handbook and 5 Billboards on EVD Signs and Symptoms” said the WHO Rep. Dr. Segoe-Moses said the procurement of these essential medical and non-medical items are for the Ebola Treatment Center based at the TB Sanatorium in Banjul. “We will continue to work closely with and support the Gambia, through your able Ministry, in ensuring that the country is free from Ebola,” concluded the WHO Rep. The British Ambassador Colin Crorkin said the level of preparedness of the Gambia is high and that there is still no sign or a single case of Ebola yet in country. Ambassador Crorkin said the Gambia is open to business and expressed hope that tourists would come back and make this season or the next season a success. Dr. Makkie Taal, the Permanent Secretary at the ministry of Health and Social Welfare, said the items are timely and it will go a long way to enhance the country’s fight against Ebola. He noted that the Gambia still remains safe and the ministry is doing everything possible to safe the country from the Ebola Virus. Dr. Tall further informed the gathering that the three quarantine centres  identified are in good shape.]]>