Friday, December 1, 2023

BORDERS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE CLOSED What are the exceptions?


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The COVID-19 Emergency Regulations which came into force as of 19th May 2020 states under Regulation 27 Sub- Regulation 1 that the land sea and air borders of The Gambia shall be closed to all persons and vehicular traffic. The exceptions are as follows:
“the border closure shall not apply to the following

a) a person who has a written authorisation from the Ministry of Interior to enter the Gambia;

b) the driver and one other person in a vehicle carrying essential food or non- food items into the Gambia;

What happens when one enters the Gambia?

Sub-Regulation 3 states : A person who enters the Gambia shall be subject to quarantine for such number of days as may be recommended by the Ministry of Health .“

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