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“Bew ak Hebate!” Part 6 (Vain Pride and Prejudice)


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By Amie Sillah The Impossible Njiils protested and hurled insults at Lama and the exchange became very harshMarriage until her secretary Diana came to enquire and she instructed her to go back to work. Lama He shouted and called her names. “Isn’t that not the trait of the rich and mighty? You think you own the world disregarding the fact that your wealth has been created by the labour of the poor and wretched of the earth; I’ll never bind my dignity and integrity; you were married and your dad sent the pictures to me, also the tape where you called me names and said our relationship is quashed; what was I supposed to do?” Njiils “I was also sent your wedding pictures and when I returned I went straight to your house before going home but what did I see? A heavily pregnant woman older than me who said she is your wife, that you’ve gone to Yale for your Masters Programme; and that you instructed her not to give me your address or telephone number, how can you explain that? I am all ears.” Lama “I was never married, when I ceased hearing from you I went to Prof, he and Jambal insulted me and said you’ve given up on me but I rebuffed it. Prof went into your house and brought out a tape and played it for me and I clearly heard you calling me names and asking me to quit because you are now aware that it was infatuation and not love I have for you; what was I supposed to believe? Then I decided to turn a challenge into an opportunity and went abroad for my Masters programme in Construction and Interior Designing just to follow your passion and my company is named after us LAMNJII. You see even though you betrayed me I cannot get you out of my mind.” Njiils “He changed tactics and duped us to distrust each other, therefore the split. Let’s go to him and I’ll tell him my mind.” At Prof’s Home “Dad! How could you do such a thing? What do you hope to achieve now that you have separated us? Isn’t it said don’t put asunder what God has joined together? My grave mistake was to trust my family; thank you very much now I’ve learned better.” Prof “You’ll know better now you have a child; I am a single parent trying to secure all of you to place you into good marriages, spouses not to marry your wealth but you and your problem my child is that you trust too much.” Njiils “You are right dad and my gravest mistake was to trust my family.” Lama “Thank you very much Prof, your rejection made me a real man with purpose. Yes, I am from a poor peasant family but my parents struggled and gave me education/empowerment. I’ve got my Masters and I am self-employed, setting up my own company.” Prof is ashamed and exposed; he made a confession. Prof “I made it all with the help of my eldest daughter and her husband; we manipulated the wedding pictures and the voice and incommunicado I tricked you into it. I did everything because of my love for you.” Jambal was ashamed but with ‘dry eye cover shame’ she posited. “We did it all for you, you never know what these gold diggers can do.” Njiils  She is very angry with her sister.    “I don’t blame you, where is your husband now? We will soon know who is the gold digger here. I am out of here and you’ll never see me again, I am very sure if mom was alive this would not have happened.” The duo drove away. Mentioning his late wife hurt Prof and he blamed himself for playing tricks on the lovers. Lama He paid Njiils a visit and started to become too passionate. “Do you love him?” Njiils pretended not to understand. Njiils “Love who?” Lama “Your husband?” Njiils “He is a good man and a good father to our daughter.” Lama “I did not ask you about that, what I am asking is do you love him?” She wanted to dodge the question but Lama knows her weakest point, he held her head and looked right into her eyes. “Answer me, coward!” Njiils “Lams this is my office, my staff can enter any time. I don’t love him but it is meaningless I am married now and you are engaged to be married very soon. Please let us not open old wounds. Do you love your fiancée?” Lama “It was a rebound when I believe you’ve shattered my heart; I’ve never loved any woman since I met you, didn’t you see I’ve named my company after us.” Njiils shed emotional tears she could not hold herself anymore; Lama took out tissue and wipe her tears and as he was about to kiss her Mr. Abraham entered and became suspicious, they quickly adjusted. Njiils “We were discussing the orphanage and he promised to find us some colleague sponsors.” He smiled and concurred with Njiils explanation but Abraham being an older man did not believe the duo but he just pretended as not to show any sign of jealousy. He left them. “This is what I was explaining we have to be very discreet or else we will hurt a lot of good people around us.” Lama    He smiled and said;    “If loving you is wrong I don’t want to be right! Meet me at home and am waiting!” At Lams House Njiils She tiptoed and put her hand to cover Lams’ eyes and he said; Lama    “Even when I die my nostrils can never forget such a fragrant smell.” He jumped at her and they rushed to the bed and have good fun. Njiils    “I am ashamed of myself how, can I allow you touch me when I am married to my good husband for five years?” Lama    “Your dad will bear our shame and sin because he put asunder what God has joined together, we belong to each other. Let’s elope where no one will find us, get married and live forever!” Njiils  “Let us tread cautiously, I am now your in-law and have to help make your marriage work.” With Njiils the mind is willing but the body is very weak to Lama’s touch, the meaning of true love which has no boundary. To be Cont  ]]>

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