Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Interview with a Child Rights Activist


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With Rohey Jadama  Hello and welcome to yet another edition of Children’s Corner. In today’s Binta Sheriff Hydaraedition, we are going to feature the interview we had with Ms. Binta Sheriff Hydara, a Child Rights activist and Platform for awareness and development presenter . She will be talking about her dedication to child rights and the challenges children face in the community.  Children’s Corner: Can you kindly give a little personal background to our esteemed readers? Ms Hydara: I am Binta Sheriff Hydara, a child rights activist. So far, I have been in activism for quite a long time now. It has ever been part of my ambition to work with youth organisations but since I started activism I have never worked with any youth organization. The reason why I called myself a youth activist is the passion I have for children, as I believe that they are the future ambassadors of a nation. For that being the case, their rights therefore need to be protected. If a children’s right s are not protected, it will eventually create problems for a country. This is why I am focusing on youth related issues. Currently, I am hosting  a youth platform on City Limits Radio called ‘Platform for awareness and development’. I am also co-hosting another one at Hilltop Radio station called the ‘Future generation’.  I also host another one at Radio Gambia called the ‘Younger Generation’. Children’s Corner: You have dedicated your life to child rights. What motivates you to have this personal commitment? Ms Hydara: It has come to my notice that so many people are going to clubs than reading their books. So as an ambassador, I want them to be focused on their education. Gambia is a country that is full of talents among young people and some of which are hidden and need to be pulled out. It is left to us to come out and showcase those talents.  Some of those who are guiding us include Madi Jobarteh of TANGO, Njundu Drammeh of CPA, among others. They taught us public speaking skills, and CPA has nurtured a lot of young people who are very successful adults today and one of them is Abdoulie Badjie and Ndey Basin Jobe, who has her own Foundation called Ndey Basin Foundation for Children. Children’s Corner: Moving on to another key dimension, what are some of the challenges that children face in the community. Ms Hydara:  Some of the biggest challenges being faced by the children in our community are peer influence and child marriage. Most of the elders do have the notion that western education is not good for a girl child. Others think a woman is only meant to be a house wife. However, there are many bright women in the Gambia today who occupy leading positions both at the national levels. If their parents had discourage them and denied them the right to education, then they would not have reached this level today. We have seen a lot of challenges but there are also a lot of platforms promoting the rights of young people. But we should redouble our efforts and put all hands on deck and work collectively to ensure that the rights of children and young people are protected.  Children’s Corner: What is your last word? Ms Hydara:  Finally, I’m urging all parents to support their children to be focused on their education. Children’s Corner: Thank you for granting us an interview Ms Hydara:  The pleasure is mine.]]>

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