Basse Magistrate’s Court Sentences Violators of Public Health Protection Regulations 2020


Gambian Police said Thursday the Basse Magistrate’s Court has Sentenced 10 individuals who were found guilty of violating the Public Health Protection Regulations 2020.

They said in a statement issued Thursday-evening: “ Today 13th of August 2020, Police in Basse arrainged 10 persons before the Basse Magistrate court for violating the Public Health (Dangerous and Infectious Disease) Protection Regulations 2020.”

Nine of them were convicted for violating the regulation on Prohibition of Movement and sentenced to D5000 each in default to serve 1 year imprisonment, the Police said.

They added: “One other person was convicted for violating the Compulsory Facemask Wearing Regulation and was sentenced to a fine of D1000 in default to serve 9 months imprisonment.”