Barrow Promises to Provide Five Ambulances to Foni


By Makutu Manneh

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow has promised the people of Foni that his- Government will provide five ambulances to the five constituencies in the area.   

Foni, home to former and exiled Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh is a stronghold for APRC.

President Barrow made the promise on Monday 28th December, 2020, during his Meet The People Tour at a meeting held at Bambara village in Foni Bondali constituency.

“All the five consistencies in Foni will be provided with ambulance so that those sick and pregnant can be easily taken to the hospital,” he said.

The Gambian leader said these ambulances will be within the communities with number tolls. He also promised the people of Foni that their community will soon benefit from electricity supply as well as a skill centre that will be built for their youths to showcase their talents. 

Barrow called on Foni residents and Gambians to join his government and develop the country, saying it is through working together that development can be attained.

Meanwhile, Barrow used the meeting to highlight some of the development his regime brought to the country, while assuring Foni residents that their concerns were noted.

Lamin Barrow of Bambara said some of their communities struggled to get clean water.

“Our boreholes don’t have clean water. Once one fetches water, it will be red in colour,” he said.

On the same day, President Barrow visited Sintet.

One of the speakers at that meeting included Aja Dossu Fatty, who informed Barrow that women are suffering in their communities especially during labour.  Thus, she urged the President to empower the women and youth of Bambara.

Another speaker, Fanta Sunno said most of the women in their communities are farmers and they faced several challenges during the rainy season.

“We want the Agriculture Minister to help us with farming equipment,” she said.

The Minister of Health, Amadou Lamin Samateh, informed the people of Sintet that renovation is taking place at their hospital and that equipment will be brought there to address their difficulties.

Minister Samateh also said plans are afoot for patients to be treated in their own community hospitals instead of taking them to Banjul. 

Meanwhile, the aforementioned constituencies asked President Barrow to provide better road, electricity supply, good drinking water and a skill centre for them.