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Barrow Hints Gambia’s Progress Depends on Unity


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By Makutu Manneh

On the 56th anniversary celebration of The Gambia’s Independence Day, President Adama Barrow has hinted that the country’s progress depends on all and sundry uniting and working together.

The Gambian leader said independence in Gambia needs a new meaning through relationships, interactions and service to the nation.

He said this could be achieved within the framework of good governance, speedy development and coexistence.

Barrow said if Gambians coexist in peace and harmony, they will excel as a united force, saying that is the basic of success.

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“I pleaded for national unity, reconciliation and tolerance,” he said.

Thursday 18th February, 2021, marked the 56years since The Gambia gained Independence from the British. The celebration was held at McCarthy Square in Banjul where School Children, Armed and Security forces paraded in grand styles.

“We must look inwards to tap our resources’ comparative advantages and look outward to supplement them and compensate for our shortcomings,” Barrow said.

Barrow said as the country celebrates independence, the people should appreciate that political independence and national sovereignty are portrayed by recognition, dignity, freedom and self-determination of its people. He said their political affiliations and choices determine their development trends and that diligence and economic status drive their development activities.

Barrow said his administration will continue to defend the sovereignty of The Gambia and protect the freedoms and liberties of its people. He encouraged Gambians to make use of the liberties to exploit the existing opportunities, to promote positive socio-political values and engage in activities that will enhance national development.

“My Government objects to all forms of injustice and oppression,” he said.

Barrow said time has come for Gambians to courageously look into the future with optimism, accept each other, patch up their differences and find ways of working together in the national interest.

On the side of education, President Barrow said his government’s target is to maintain a robust education system that delivers results based on the needs of the learners and stakeholders. He advised school children to be ambitious, learn to search for knowledge and utilize it to the advantage of society.

President Barrow asked the students to reject drugs, crime, ethnic rivalry among other harmful practices that will serve as obstacles to their wellbeing and those around them.

 “The future is for you to shape and now is the time to think how you want to live in it,” President Barrow advised.

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