Are National Assembly Members Going To Constituency Sensitisation Tours Of Covid 19 Without Testing And Declaring Their Status?


COVID-19 is highly contagious and many Ministers had to go on self-isolation and treatment because they tested positive. National Assembly members should first subject themselves to voluntary testing which could be arranged by the Select Committee on Health before undertaking any responsibility that link them to the Alkalolu, Imams, Community elders, youth and women  of their constituencies. The quickest way to spread the virus is for infected public figures to move about. Those who test positive could develop other ways of communicating with their constituencies through intermediaries such as councilors after undergoing tests.

The National Environment Agency and   Public Health authorities should also be on the trail of the contractors who are cleaning the drains. They should be concerned  about the speedy removal of all the  waste and their place of disposal to ensure avoidance of  environmental degradation and contamination  of all sorts.

Police officers who control the traffic at  the West Field – Abuko stretch are subjected to life threatening waste that should not be allowed. Their heads should raise the matter of collecting the waste from the drains with the National Road Authority. Contractors with the right equipment should be hired to carry out such public works.