Dying Earlier Than Expected Better Living Standards Should Lead To Longer Life Expectancy


As one reads Newspapers or listen to the obituaries in the electronic media, one would come across the names of  Imam Tafsir Gaye, Imam   Masohna Kah, Imam Barham Senghore, Mr Ebou Senghore, Alhaji Omar Sarr, Mr Pa Bamba Saho, Mr Minkhailou  Semega Janneh, Mr Badara Secka, Mr Sulayman Camara, Mr Ebou Secka, Mr Bajaw  Ngum and the list goes on.

People are earning more and are considered to be living more affluent lives but such realities  do not appear to give assurance to longer lives.

The   circumstances of Europe and the USA with COVID-19 is impacting on the lives of many people who used to go abroad for further treatment if they have children who could ferry them to safer shores.

The world is changing dramatically and life expectancy is not necessarily linked to affluence. We need better sanitary conditions, health systems, better diet, stress free life  , appropriate exercises  and a caring and loving home and society.

As we mourn those who are no longer with us and share the grief with their families, let us take time to care and share a life of peace and tranquility so that we do not increase the stress that makes life  rough and short.

Let us observe the WHO guidelines to fighting COVID-19 and help our frontline fighters to succeed in defeating the illness.