“Anyaan Ak Buuge” Part 9 (Jealousy and Greed)


By Amie Sillah Tenneng She is now the super Madam of the house who thinks she rules the world by pocketingMARRIAGE AND FAMILY 2 Sir Gaa, lording over him like a sheep puppet. She raves, rants, insults and maltreats the auxiliary staff. Singii She has no dignity and self-esteem, she easily becomes Tenneng’s chief ‘ndig’ (surrogate). Tenneng “If you behave properly and play bond with me and give me your support in everything whether good or morally bad your 30% is assured. Do you copy?” Singii She thought hard and said: “I copy, your wish is my command! I am in 100%.” Tenneng “Smart girl! Your 30% is assured.” The duo hugged and pecked each other. “The bond is sealed!” Angi She was at home when Kanku visited her and they sat at the veranda eating snacks and exchanging notes. They heard the deafening siren of a car; “PiiiiiiPooooo! PiiiiiPoooo!” “Who is that deafening our ears? Is he/she mad?” “Musa! Go and open the gate for that mad person,” Angi ordered. Tenneng She entered the compound in an open posh car and started to display to the annoyance of everyone present. She played the music to a high level and suddenly her ‘ndig’ came down from the car and started to dance provocatively. Singii Both Angi and Kanku stared at her in disbelief. “I am she and not a ghost; look at the guest, the newest posh car in town.” Tenneng She came up to the duo and dangled the keys in front of them; “Look at my car, the newest posh in town, a wedding gift from Papa Doc; Am I not lucky?” Angi “You are a shameless gold digging beast! I don’t blame you because you have never tasted affluence and influence until now but God will judge you.” She danced provocatively and mocked at Angi who wanted to fight her but Kanku restrained her. Kanku “Don’t fight her let the lord do the fight for you; it is painful but just restrain yourself and let God do your fight.” Singii “God will not do anything to her; she has not done anything wrong? Sir Gaa is a widower, will he marry Angi? I 100% support Tenneng in marrying Angi’s dad and making her happy and you too should stop being negative.” Kanku    “Shameless thing! Look at who is talking? Do you have a voice of your own? Are you not ‘ndig’ to your fellow woman who is jobless and on her pay role? Shut up if you don’t have anything to say. Where we not all being patronized by Angi? You are like the throat (puuruk) who does not praise last year’s food.” Tenneng    “Look at you who is talking? Have you not taken side already? You are with your fallen Baroness and Singii here is with her reigning Queen; Angi is a prodigal princess estranged to her dad while I am the favoured Queen! What do you think about that? More over you are unwelcome in my palace, this is the way!” Angi wanted to protest but Kanku asked her not to. Kanku “I have a home but as for you , you are in fool’s paradise and before you have awoken from your deep slumber it would have been too late, and remember whatever you cut with your hand splash upon your fingers; continue to call peoples’ home your own. Tenneng “Get out of my home and now, you are unwelcome never to come again.”    Angi “Don’t go anywhere and let me see what happens?” Kanku “I am going and I’ll be back and until Papa Gaa or Angi asked me out I would be visiting.” Tenneng “We shall see who reigns here.” Kanku hissed and walked away amidst jeering from Tenneng and Singii but she ignored them and drove away. Tenneng She went to visit her mom and had a plan for her. “Mama! I want you to relocate to my palace.” Mam Beegay “What! To relocate to your mansion? Will Sir Gaa approve?” Tenneng “Mama! Your daughter rules the wave, Sir Gaa is under my beck and call and would do anything I request from him; are you not my dear mother again? I don’t want you to stay a minute longer in this hovel that the landlord calls a home and his stupid daughter comes everyday to insult and harass us, never again would we know or smell poverty. Your daughter has now married a rich tycoon and will inherit his wealth and assure our security forever; pack your luggage and let us go.” Mam Beegay She shed emotional tears and pinched herself. “Is this real or a fairy tale? Me the downtrodden, insulted, marginalized, alienated and dejected now going to live in my daughter’s mansion? Is it real or a hoax?” Tenneng “Mama! It is real, we have said bye-bye to poverty forever! Let’s go before it gets dark Sir does not approve of me driving in the dark and moreover, we are going to attend a friend’s dinner party tonight.” At Home Angi and Kanku sat at the veranda drinking green tea when the duo arrived with Mam Beegay’s luggage. They looked at each other as the duo headed to get into the house. Angi got up and protested. Angi “Where do you think you are going to, a Bantaba or an Old Peoples’ Home? You are not going to enter the house.” Tenneng “Get out of the way before I break your head? Is this not my husband’s house? Moreover, I have nothing to explain to you? Get out of my path and now!” Kanku intervened and asked Angi to let them in. Angi “Look at this nonsense! What have I done to Tenneng to practise such wickedness upon my family? What have I done wrong to be nice to these ingrates?” Kanku “Take it easy on yourself, you have done nothing wrong to be nice to people, some are grateful while others are not but just take it easy as violence does not solve anything but worsens matters; as I always said God will fight your fight just bear and be patient.” Angi “But this is not fair and is very painful, how can Tenneng turn into a monster overnight?” Kanku “Didn’t I tell you, these people have no conscience, like mother like daughter, self interest sister, self interest! But God is wide awake and judgment time will come. Let us go to my home and we have fun, forget about these people.” Angi “I don’t promise I’ll fight them; it is very painful and I’ll call Sengaan to come and settle this nonsense as man of the house; my dad is a captive to these monsters.” To be Cont.  ]]>