By Sulayman Bah Controversy was what mired Saturday’s battle of the titans and NazirKololi Mbolloh 2 promotions debut in the arena. Let Bu Barra faced Mboran in an epic wrestling showdown dubbed arguably the best fight to have been arranged in January. With Mboran taking on Gambia’s captain Leket for the staked prize named after visiting Senegal’ Ama Balde, the euphoria has been higher than thought however the end result had many disenchanted and red-faced amid controversy. Both wrestlers squared at the referee’s whistle go, but the bout soon ended with neither defeating the other. Apparently the referee parted the two, two minutes into allocated time after the referee found out the carpet to which the two were wrestling on was barely covered. At that moment, Leket and Mboran had grappled. But Mboran was displeased and gesticulated disapprovingly to the referee’s decision and marched out of the circle. He refused to fight on when ordered to return by the arbiter. The incident left many seething. Leket was later declared winner on refereeing verdict after his adversary declined to fight on. The federation is believed to be probing the issue. Mboran declined to make a comment.]]>