“Anyaan Ak Buuge” Part 6 (Jealousy and Greed)


By Amie Sillah Gossip from Friends The illegal affair has gone for some time now and Singii was the first friend to noticeMARRIAGE AND FAMILY 2 Tenneng’s new found wealth and affluence. Tenneng “Singii! Can you accompany me to go shopping?” Singii    “Why not! Am I not your portfolio? Let’s go.” Tenneng They went to a luxury mall and Singii was stunned as Teng continued shopping luxury items. Singii “I don’t want to pry but just curious. Where is all this affluence coming from? Have you won a jackpot? Tenneng    She laughed with sarcasm. “More than a jackpot sis! I’ve won Big Baby Gaa’s heart and soul, you know what he gave me an open cheque to shop whatever I want and the bill is paid with ease.” Singii    “Who is Big Baby Gaa? Do I know him?” Tenneng “Of course Papa Gaa is my new ‘munku’ and I am going to marry him and make him will all his wealth to me before I kill him.” Singii “Which Papa Gaa are you talking about, your benefactor, Angi’s daddy?” Tenneng She made a sarcastic smile and said; “He is the very one who has swallowed my trap hook, line and sinker.” Singii She was stunned and remained quiet for a while lost of words. “This is abominable! What about if Angi finds out? She will be shocked to death. Teng! You have no morals and I am sick with your taste; I am a bad babe and all of us are into ‘runs’ but I cannot punch any one of you my friends; this man was like a father to you, your benefactor since you were a kid and Angi is good and helpful to all of us, you are her best friend among us that’s why she asked you to come and stay with her, how can you stab her in the back like this? I disapprove of your move and count me out!” Tenneng She clapped her hands. “Well! Well! Well! You have given a fine eulogy but let me first ask, which side are you on me or Angi?” Singii  “I am on the side of truth and conscience.” Tenneng “Right! This is the way!” She showed her the door. Singii Stood and shook her head with disgust. Tenneng “Right since you don’t want to leave then shut up and stop your preaching. Here interest speaks and not conscience, you have a chance to be rich if you play bond with me.” Singii She reflected and self interest began to play in her mind and she became interested. “What do you mean, can you explain more?” Tenneng “Right! Big Baby Doc will marry me and will sign all his wealth to me and I’ll give you 20% of the wealth.” Singii She thought hard and imagined 20% of a billionaire’s wealth and greed crept into her mind and she wanted more to get out of poverty. “30% deal or no deal.” Tenneng “After all I am the one marrying him and not you who will only give me psychological support. What do you say? Should I look for someone else?” Singii She reflected and said in her mind; “Half a loaf is better than nothing.” “A deal!” Tenneng “Wise girl! If you play bond with me I’ll get you out of poverty for life. Now shop any item and the bill is on me.” Singii “Another question Baby Girl! What about Sengaan Baby Doc’s son who will be head of the conglomerate? What about if he comes home.” Tenneng She laughed heartily. “That will never happen my mom has fixed it.” Singii “What do you mean your mom has fixed it?” Tenneng “Should I explain everything to you ‘munku’? Call it black assurance; mom says Sengaan would never set foot into this country until she dies. Just play bond with me and you’ll never regret it.” Singii “You are the Queen and your wish is my command!” She saluted her. They shopped to satisfaction and Teng dropped her home and she went back to her mom’s house and deposited her things. Tenneng She gave her mom D10, 000 and said; “Manage this and keep my things for me. I have already paid three months for you; those greedy beasts would never bother you again. Mommy the juju is working and Papa Doc has swallowed it hook, line and sinker.” Mam Beegay She jumped with excitement. “Didn’t I tell you? Am I not your mother? Maamayamo is the best in the region as she never fails her clients who come from far and wide even from Europe and America. Trust me as long as I live Papa Doc is yours and yours forever and his son Sengaan Doc would never set foot in the country and contest his father’s will with you.” Tenneng “I trust you mama and you will never lack as well, I was tired of poverty with insults and indignation, marginalization and alienation; now I am a big girl who makes things happen, I patronize as Angi with affluence and influence. I buy peoples’ conscience and make them sing my praises and do my dirty jobs. It is nice to be powerful, rich. I’m also a beautiful damsel with no conscience and my motto is interest first. “Also I’ll build you a mansion and take you out of this stupid, dirty hovel Alhajj and her silly daughter calls a house, after Papa Doc willed me his fortune I’ll kill him and buy myself a young, handsome man for a husband. “I’ll also open you a big mall for sustainability. We will never be poor again.” She pecked her mom and bade her goodbye. Mam Beegay She is thrilled that her juju works and now she believes she can make anything happen in the world. “That’s my daughter, like mother like daughter!” Mam heaped praises at her daughter. Kanku She noticed the changes in Tenneng and she suspected foul play. She visited Angi to enquire. “Girl friend have you noticed Tenneng of late?” Angi “What do you mean, nothing is wrong with her? She is fine.” Kanku “Wake up ‘Munku’! Do you want to tell me that you have not noticed the dramatic, transformative changes of Tenneng. She has suddenly metamorphosed into a sophisticated, affluent, confident young lady quite different from the raw, lumpen maiden you’ve harboured some months back; wake up and smell the coffee before it burns out. My instinct tells me she is playing bond with your dad; sis my instinct never fails me, my late mom used to tell me that I am a soothsayer, I am very suspicious and alert and I am happy that no friend or foe can catch me off guard. I don’t go to any ‘Baabalawo or Maamalowa; I have faith in Allah and believe in fair play and justice and am not ready to get rich by any means necessary; open your eyes and observe her with your dad; don’t tell her anything if you do you’ll never catch her red handed because she is calculating and sly; she is crafty and will always deny until it is very late. Open your eyes, I am leaving before she comes and finds us here.” To be Cont.  ]]>