“Anyaan Ak Buuge!” Part 15 (Jealousy and Greed)


By Amie Sillah Singii She is curious to meet the executive of YBG (Youth for Better Gambia) and hear MARRIAGE AND FAMILY 2what they have to say. She rang her new found friends, Jiliana and Saptieu. “Can I make an appoint to meet your executive?” Jiliana “Why not? Saptieu is here with me and we are at our headquarters. Let me text you the address and you can come right away. Thanks for accepting our invitation.” Singii “Thank you for accepting me. I am on my way.” She took a taxi to get to the headquarters. The Shock of her Life She came unexpectedly and went to her bedroom but was surprised to hear some voices but she could not figure out who was with Sir Gaa. Tenneng “I don’t think it is what I am thinking of but that sounds like the laughter of Mam but no! What is my mom doing in my bedroom with my husband? Abomination!” She exclaimed with the thought of her mom in her bedroom with her husband. She peeped through the key hole and what did she see? Sir Gaa on top of her mom deep in the act. She was flabbergasted and has to peep again! She rushed out to the living room; sat down and contemplated what to do next as she shook as a leaf, seethed with anger as well as disappointment and shame. The Confrontation She climbed up quickly opened the door and stared at them but they continued their enjoyment as if nothing had happened and this infuriated Tenneng all the more, what was she to do? Tenneng She rushed to the bedroom and tore them apart. “What an abomination mom! You of all people, my own mom sleeping with my husband? What have I done to you mom to deserve such a treatment from you? Are you really my mother? My real mother cannot do such a thing to me.” She turned to Sir Gaa; “How could you sleep with mother and daughter?” Sir Gaa “Your mother here is more experienced and sweeter than you and I am in love with her, can’t you understand?” He questioned sheepishly. Tenneng    She is shocked to death and she scolded Sir Gaa. “You’ve been hypnotized by this witch of a woman but I’ll deal with her!” Mam Beegay “You are an ingrate! After everything I’ve done for Sir Gaa to marry you this is what you have to pay me? Am I not the bigger winnowing plate? I made Sir Gaa marry you and I can also make him divorce you, my daughter you don’t know the kind of mother you have; be warned!” Tenneng    “Go to hell and rot there! I don’t care about you, you have ceased to be my mom the moment you shamelessly slept with my husband; now you are a target and my enemy, you shall never succeed and I’ll fight you with everything I have, you’ll never snatch Sir Gaa from me, shameless woman, harlot and prostitute, you have no shame and you are a disgrace to womanhood!” She spat at her face and left. Mam Beegay She is also in a defiant mood and did not see anything wrong for having Sir Gaa for herself. “Go and find younger men and leave Sir Gaa for me, I’ve tasted him and would not let him go, you can go to hell and rot there!” The former friends are now sworn enemies. Yaa Harr She is very happy that the evil people are at war with each other. “Allah has answered my prayers, the evildoers would soon destroy each other and our house would become free from their evil manipulations, like mother like daughter, they are cursed, Sir Gaa sleeping with mother and daughter? This is not natural, something is behind it; that’s why they estranged Angi from her dad but it is just a matter of time when the light of truth will shine again upon this household,” she told the auxiliary staff. Everyone is happy that the duo is at each other’s throat. Singii She arrived and was given a hero’s welcome. The girls took her around and introduced her to everyone present. The Meeting Everything of interest to the youth was discussed by invited discussants male and female, topics range from STI/HIV Aids, Good Governance and the Youth problem, Business, Environment, Social Ills e.g. Prostitution, drugs, trafficking of women/girls/children, Career Development, and Sovereignty etc. Singii She asked questions and they were satisfactorily answered. She attended successive meetings and became convinced that this is the right way for one to live one’s life in fulfillment; she became an empowered, self confident, self esteemed female youth out to face the world squarely, applying herself to the fullest. She learnt about hair dressing and when she was qualified a soft loan was given to her and she set up a hair dressing saloon which employed 10 youths from the organization. She was patronized by the members and the community at large because her charges were affordable and service excellent. As business progressed she expanded to cosmetics which is very lucrative. Tenneng She is very frustrated and lonely, no friend to turn to at her hour of need, she remembered Singii whom she had promised to give 30% of Sir Gaa’s wealth but she was nowhere to be found; she rang her but her mobile phone was either switched off or she had no answer. But what was she going to do? She decided to go to her place and stood at a distance to catch up with her. Suddenly she appeared and Tenneng rushed to meet her. “Where have you been and why are you avoiding me? Haven’t you seen my missed calls to call me back?” She protested. Singii “I have been very busy, I am now self-employed, a proud owner of a Hair Dressing/Cosmetic Saloon employing 10 progressive youth, my life has changed for good; please come let me take you to my organization and your life will be changed and you’ll be delivered, I have seen the light.” Tenneng “What are you talking about? I am in deep shit! My mother is sleeping with my husband! Singii She put her hand on Tenneng’s mouth and scolded her. “Abomination! Don’t say such a thing! How can your mother sleep with your husband?” She entered Tenneng’s car. Tenneng “But that is the truth! That’s what my mother did. As my only friend I am confused, what should I do?” Singii She is very confused and reflected for some time. “I am short of words! What kind of mother can do such a thing to her only daughter? Your family must be cursed, all the more reason why you should come and join my organization.” To be Cont]]>