Thursday, December 7, 2023

Alleged Attack, Abduction at Border Village in URR


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Reports reaching Foroyaa indicate that on Saturday March 7th 2020 at around 17:27 hours, some Senegalese Security forces entered the border village of Garawol Kuta and shot one man.

The border cuts across the village so that part of it is in Senegal and the other part is in The Gambia. When the Senegalese Gendarmerie entered the Gambian side, they opened fire in the air as some of them went after one Sulayman Trawally, who was alleged to have been shot on his hand in his compound by the Senegalese officers. The information further indicated that Sulayman was dragged out of his house and taken away together with one Ali Sidibeh, to an unknown destination. According to reports, no reasons were given for the attack and arrest of Sulayman Trawally and Ali Sidibeh; that the Senegalese Security Officers who entered the village were heavily armed and came in seven vehicles before abducting Sulayman and Ali.

When contacted to shed light on the incident, the Gendarmerie Commander in Manda village denied knowing the officers and the Command area they came from.

Alhgie Bacho Ceesay, the Chief of Kantora District where the village is located, confirmed that the Senegalese securities came up to the victim`s village at Garawol Kuta and shot him. According to the Chief, the Senegalese securities came and surrounded the victim’s house and backyard at a time when he was wrapped in a towel as he was about to have a bath. When the victim saw them, he said, he attempted to run to his house and they shot him on his hand and took him away.

The Chief said since it is a matter between two states, they are waiting for the Government’s decision.

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