Monday, August 2, 2021

The Senegal/Gambia border and the principle of good neighboliness


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Some Gambians near the border with Senegal claim that people who engage in armed robbery simply find their way into Senegal and their call for the two authorities to discuss cross-border security appear to be the most urgent clarion call. Cross-border security should be discussed if the alleged shooting at Garawol allegedly done by men in uniform from Senegal is to prevent such incidents.

The Gambia government should make the Senegalese authorities appease the citizens of the two countries on both sides of the border. News of troops from neighboring Senegal crossing to The Gambia would not enable Gambians to nurture the spirit of good neighborliness which is universally embraced.

At this point one would anticipate a partnership in handling cross-border issues. It is expected that protocol would provide for measures to promote cross-border crimes. Such measures could include reporting to the stations of the two countries to report about incidents which could lead to joint operations to handle cross-border crimes and related matters. The Senegalese authorities should take note of the incident and do an inquiry to find out where things went wrong and compensate any victim of wrong doing.

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