Activist Sait Matty Jaw Reacts to Civil Society Triumph in 54.4 Million Dalasi Case


By Yankuba Jallow & Mariama Marong

Sait Matty Jaw, a co-founder and Executive Director of the Centre for Research and Policy Development has reacted to the Supreme Court judgment in the 54.4 million dalasis National Assembly loan scheme.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday declared that the National Assembly lacks the power to allocate a loan scheme for themselves. The country’s apex court held that the lawmakers’ action was unconstitutional and therefore, null and void. The court struck out the 54.4 million dalasis National Assembly loan scheme from the budget allocated to the National Assembly after holding that the procedure upon which the loan scheme was introduced was improper.

Jaw, was the second plaintiff in the case and has expressed delight over the outcome of the case.

“I feel really happy. At this moment in our country’s history, we have seen civil society coming out and challenging decisions of political leaders and institutions,” he said.

Jaw said civil society should build on this by ensuring that they stand firm to hold the Government to account.

“As members of civil society, it is our duty to continue to restraint the State and institutions where we feel they went wrong,” he said.

Jaw said the Supreme Court judgment was that things should be done in the right manner. Activist Jaw said things should be done in accordance with the law/constitution and due process should always be followed.

He said the judgment is the beginning of many other processes meant to ensure that their role as primary watchdog of the Government continues.

“We will continue to engage. We will continue to build our capacity and we will continue to support the building and the rebuilding of our democracy,” he said.