ActionAid Trains Over One Hundred Women On Business Management


ActionAid Trainshundred and thirty five women entrepreneurs in Niamina East, Niamina West and Niamina Dankunku districts on Business Management. The training was part of activities being implemented under the European Commission funded project: Promoting women’s socio-economic rights in the Central River Region. During the latest training of forty five women in Dankunku village in the Central River region, the women were taught entrepreneurship skills, separating the business from the proprietor and the extended family, basic marketing concepts, bookkeeping and accounting, business expenses, among others. ‘I have learnt a lot during the past three days. I am confident that when I go back home, I will improve on the way I run my business’, says Binta who sells food items at the Dankunku market. ‘I have learnt that one has to be approachable to attract customers and employ effective marketing skills to get the customer to buy something’ says Hawa Mbye from Choya, whilst Fatou Fatty from Dankunku emphasized that good accounting practices makes good business. Earlier in welcoming the trainees, Almamo Barrow, HIV and AIDS Specialist, representing the Executive Director of ActionAid, thanked the EC for funding this project and re-iterated that the empowerment of women was a major component of ActionAid’s work. ‘This training that you are undergoing today aims to inculcate business management skills into you so that you can manage your businesses effectively and efficiently’, he said. The trainer, Alaji Jatta from the Department of Community Development urged the women to take the training seriously and to share the knowledge acquired. At the closing ceremony, ActionAid’s Senior Manager for Communications, Jainaba Nyang Njie, on behalf of her Executive Director, expressed optimism that the women will put what they have learnt into practice. ‘This project that we have signed with the EU aims to empower women in the Niaminas to have economic resources particularly land, be aware of their rights, and acquire life skills they can use in order to alleviate poverty’, she concluded, while urging them to share the knowledge acquired with other women who could not attend the training. The Project Coordinator Pansaw Nyassi and LRP11Programme Coordinator, Francois Nsally, also spoke at the closing ceremony and commended the women for their active participation. Action Aid Press release, 22nd October, 2014]]>