Abo Sarr, Boy-Balla in stalemate affair


By Sulayman Bah Abo Sarr and Boy Bala of Jabang Mbolloh settled for a stalemate affair Abo Sarr and Boy Balaover the weekend. It was a clash of simple wrestling without the usual mixed blows arranged by promoter Lamin Champion Sound named after visitor Tapha Tine. A meeting of the finest emerging youngsters of the ring was one never to lack reaching fever pitch and forced enthused fans off their seats. The pair locked horns going through to first-half without a victor. Abo Sarr had twice grabbed his opponent’s leg but the way Boy-Balla untangled himself from the lockdown unblemished was what had left fans gaping in sheer surprise. Second part of the combat flamed out in similar pattern prompting the arbiter to add extra three minutes. But a winner was never to emerge amongst the two, forcing a stalemate affair. ‘Had this been a Borreh Dorr, it would never have come this far,’ an observer told Foroyaa Sport on the sidelines of the event.]]>